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3 Massage Tips for Neck, Shoulders and Back and Giveaway!

For the neck, locate the base of the skull with your thumb. Then, move the thumb to the right so it’s not in line with the spine. Move the thumb in small circles as you apply pressure. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse during a massage than having the therapist go too light or too deep, so make sure to ask how the pressure is.

When you’ve finished on the right side, go over to the left, making sure your thumb isn’t in line with the spine. Repeat the small circles.


Shoulder Massage

You can apply more oil at this point, if you feel you need it, and then begin with the shoulders. For shoulders, apply pressure with your thumbs as you follow the muscles that are to the right and left of the spine. When the thumbs reach the shoulders, you can gently (or firmly, if your recipient likes it) squeeze the shoulder muscles.


Massage for Back

For the back, you can use your middle fingers if you’re going lightly, or use your knuckles or elbows (one at a time for elbows) if you’d like to go a little deeper. Follow the dots as shown, making sure to avoid touching the spine. You can start from the middle of the back if you’re doing a chair massage, or you can start from the low back and slowly work your way up if your recipient is laying down.

After a Massage

After a massage, make sure to have the recipient drink a lot of water to help flush out any of the toxins that were stirred up. I hope this is helpful!

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