347-470-5697 info@homespa.me Licensed Bonded & Insured  |
347-470-5697 info@homespa.me Licensed Bonded & Insured  |


A Beautiful Lab for Spa & Beauty.
  • <span>, Fashion blogger</span>
    "My work takes 100% of my time and concentration so getting time to go out to a spa studio to get pampered with relaxing massages and spa services is next to impossible. While browsing the web I came across www.homespa.me/ and called  the number on the website. In about an hour’s time a massage therapist from Home Spa Me was already at my door. I received the most relaxing massage right from the comfort of  my own house without any hassles."
    - Ellena, Fashion blogger
  • <span>, Model</span>
    "I was amazed by the fact that,  just by a simple phone call I got to have the most awesome spa experience in my own house! Home Spa Me made it happen. The therapists are professional and friendly! I found a lasting solution to my joints aches and fatigue after cat walking in high heels and photo shoots for the whole day. Home Spa Me perfectly  suits me because my busy schedules are never disrupted. They come to wherever I want the massage service and this  saves a lot of my time."
    - Joy, Model
  • <span>, Fashion Photographer</span>
    "I can sum up the services I receive from HomeSpa-Me with one word, ‘AMAZING’.” The therapists are so professional and take extreme care while attending to me.For a long time I have been calling HomeSpa-me and receiving their exquisite treatments-never have I been disappointed even once! My body is now perfect without aches, am more beautiful, my skin is glowing am a happier and better person. I will definitely stay connected to homespa-me.!"
    - Adriana, Fashion Photographer