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10 Simple Ways To Wow Your Massage Clients

Sure, you’ve honed your skills and offer a stellar massage.
But sometimes it’s the little things that stand out in a client’s mind differentiating between a great massage and an exceptional experience.   Pay extra attention to the little details and you’re sure to make a memorable impression.

The following are just a few ideas.  This is by no means the extent of what you can do, but rather a starting point to springboard your creativity.  The possibilities are endless!

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  1. When a new client is filling out your intake paperwork, offer them a warm herbal neck pillow.

    Mother Earth Pillows have beautiful herbal flaxseed pillows that can be heated in the microwave or a hot towel cabinet.  They feel great, and smell like heaven.  Your client has only been in your studio for 2 minutes and already they’re impressed.

  2. Have eye drops in single use vials (found in any pharmacy) available in your massage room where your clients get changed.  Clients wearing contact lenses will really appreciate this.
  3. Put something pretty on the floor under the face cradle.  (I have a pretty bowl with rocks)  Granted, most clients have their eyes closed at this point.  But for those that don’t, they will take note of your attention to every detail.  (It’s just a simple bowl of rocks.  But the effect?  “Wow!  You’ve thought of everything!”)
  4. Put a drop of essential oil on the corner of your face cradle cover where your clients will notice the fragrance.  I’m fond of Olba’s Oil, which is a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, and clove.  It works great for keeping the sinuses open.  Just be sure that your client has no sensitivities to scents.  Also make sure the oil is in a place on the cover that will not come in contact with your client’s face or eyes.
  5. Use a mini-crockpot or bottle warmer to warm your massage cream and oil.  This is especially nice in the winter in cold climates!
  6. Use hot towels or wash clothes to clean their feet.  Don’t have a hot towel cabinet?  Mini slow-cookers and rice cookers work great for this and are usually less than $15.
  7. Keep some stones in the fridge or freezer for those clients who tend to run warm.  (Menopausal women will love you for this!)  Place a cold stone under their neck while supine to keep them cool.  Cold stones are also a nice touch on the sinuses for anyone with allergies and sinus pressure.
  8. Put an herbal eye pillow over their eyes while supine.  This little trick works wonders to encourage clients to relax and quietly drift inward to receive the most from their massage.
  9. Take notes to remember important information about your client’s preferences and dates in their life.  Ticklish feet?  Your client will be impressed that you remember after only having seen them once before.  Next time Sandy comes for a massage, ask her how her daughter’s wedding went since you saw her last.  These things make a lasting impression!  Keep records of your sessions and make a note of these details.  Scan each client file before they come in that day to refresh your memory. (*Shameless Plug* This is easy to do with Bodywork Buddy Massage Software).
  10. Offer your client hot tea or cocoa after their massage.  You can use to-go cups and lids so they can take it home with them.  If you don’t have a water dispenser with hot water, you can purchase a Hot Shot Water Dispenser for under $20 – all it takes is 1 minute and you’ve got a cup of hot water.


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