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1) Scarlett Johansson’s DIY Celebrity Skincare Secret:

Scarlett is definitely one Hollywood actress that’s really easy on the eyes.She always looks on point with or without makeup,which is not that common for actresses because we all know the power of make up,don’t we?

Her Secret?

Her skin,however,looks flawless and supple. Most of the credit for how her skin looks ( and probably feels) goes to her natural toner that we can all find in our kitchen – apple cider vinegar.

Did we hear that right?

Yes! You’re going to apply apple cider vinegar as a toner to prevent and treat acne just like Hollywood sweetheart Scarlett Jo.Also recommended to use some apple cider vinegar in our homemade body wraps recipes.

Apple cider vinegar regulates the pH of your skin, and can help to fade age spots or acne scars.

Here is what you will need:

  • A small container to mix the liquids in
  • Mineral water
  • Some apple cider vinegar
  • Cotton

Step 1 

Take the container. Put a little bit of the mineral water into the container .

Step 2

Add the same  amount of apple cider vinegar into the water and shake the container lightly.

Step 3

Squirt some of the mix unto a dry cotton ball and apply it to your face after taking a shower or after washing your face.

Here’s a little bit of a warning.It will smell,so make sure that you’re not going anywhere when you apply Scarlett’s secret on your skin.The stink is bearable and you can bet your stars that it  is worth it especially if your skinn is acne prone




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