347-470-5697 info@homespa.me Licensed Bonded & Insured  |
347-470-5697 info@homespa.me Licensed Bonded & Insured  |

Meet Our Therapists

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Home Spa Me employs highly qualified staff. They have high sense of integrity and professionalism. Our therapists treat our clients with extreme care, respect, courtesy and professionalism while serving them.

The Specialists


Japheth Morelli

His parents used to own and manage a spa in the southern America where he grew up helping out in the Spa. By doing so Japheth became fond of the spa and cherished the benefits derived from spa services. After graduating from the university Japheth went forth to train Intensively as a massage therapist.


Janet Galino

Janet Galino is like everybody’s “ granny”. She is loving, caring and has “healing hands”. Her warm countenance when serving people is welcoming and soothing. Janet Galino is a professional massage therapist with over 20 years of experience. When you try her once,be guaranteed you will be coming for more.

Alexa Goldberg

Alexa Goldberg

Being in her mid-twenties, Alexa Goldberg is a sophisticated young massage therapist, full of life, very professional and effective in her work. She is keen on physical body wellness and fitness. She has a practicing certificate. She has 3 years’ experience as a massage therapist.

Amy Max

Amy Max

32 year old Amy is a bundle of talent wrapped up together. Apart from being a passionate massage therapist, Amy is also a yoga and gym instructor. Helping people to achieve physical fitness of Their bodies and peace of soul and mind is her mission on earth.

Amber Martin

Amber Martin

Amber Martin has studied and attained a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. She has worked as a massage therapist for various high end spas in Newyork.


Jonah Simpson

He is a chiropractor. He has intensive knowledge of bone structure and the best treatment /massage to administer on various parts of the body. He is a great massage therapist with over 10 years of experience.

Sandra Roth

Sandra Roth

She has practiced as a massage therapist in New York for 8 years. She has a practicing certificate as well as “magic hands”.

Simone Tylor

Simone Tylor

Simone Tyler is reckoned for her prowess in Sports massage,pre-natal and post natal massages.She has uncomparabble skills in massaging and with her tender hands and her loving heart,she makes the mother and mothers to be,queue up for her soothing touch.

Leonard Sharon

Leonard Sharon

Leonard Sharon is an expert in sports massages and deep tissue massages. He is very passionate about his massage proffession and goes and extra mile to make the client happy.


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1. Must be a Licensed massage therapist in Newyork, New Jersey and the connecticut area.

2. Must have your own massage bed and chair

3. Must provide massage oils, sanitizer and everything else that is required by clients during massage services.

4. Must provide your own transportation to the client’s venue

5. Must fulfill your obligation of paying statutory levies such as applicable taxes.

6. Must exercise high sense of integrity and professionalism while serving clients.

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