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C section scar needs massage

massage adhesions

After Pregnancy, your abdomen has just undergone tremendous change and it needs all the support it can get. Massaging your c-section scar for even a few minutes a day can have a huge benefit.

As you heal, your skin and scar will change, and the feelings around your scar will shift. Many women say they feel afraid to touch their scar and that it feels numb. In fact touching your abdomen after the surgery will help speed healing and reduce the size, feel and look of your scar. Because massaging stimulates the nerve endings it will bring back the feelings and the numbness will disappear.

Massaging your c-section scar can also help avoid incontinence as well as reduce pain. Massaging your scar helps it to heal faster, and because it softens the scar tissue to create a flat smooth scar. Massaging your c-section incision helps organize the scar tissue because  regular massage provides compression which increases circulation and connection, stimulating the healing process. Self massage of your healing scar reduces the potential for c-section scar adhesions, so consistent touch and massage will help the look and feel of your scar, as well as promote circulation and awareness.


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