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2) Cindy Crawford’s DIY Celebrity Skincare Secret

Who,in the right mind,doesn’t think that Cindy Crawford looks  absolutely stunning?Nobody!It’s a must for supermodels to take good care of their skin and take care of hers Cindy has.

Her Secret?

Earlier we touched on the major skin benefits of apple cider vinegar.Now,we’re mixing in a bit of milk

Did we hear that right?

Milk with a capital M keeps Cindy looking the way she does! This DIY celebrity skincare tip is not really a secret since Cindy has been known to spray milk mixed with water on her face throughout the day.Nonetheless,this is still a great advice that comes from a former supermodel.

You may be thinking that spraying on milk might result to your face having a sticky feeling after spraying but there are a dozen benefits to this:

  • The mix of milk and water is a natural moisturizer that helps to prevent dry skin.
  • Its been known to extend the duration of your tan.
  • It’s one heck of an after-sun formula if not the best.

This is why a number of lotions use different varieties of milk as their ingredient;the most popular of course  being coconut milk.These products cost around $10 – $40,though,so it’s always best to do it Cindy’s way- mix milk and water yourself.

You’re basically going to mix and,for sure,you already have most,if not all,of the things you need in your kitchen:

  • A small spray bottle.If you have an empty cologne container with a spritzer,you can wash it and let it dry to use.
  • Any milk you have in the fridge.
    • NOTE:
      • The type of milk will actually depend on your skin type.Use skim milk if you have oily skin,2% if you have a combination skin type and whole or cream if you have dry skin.
  • Natural mineral water as the water in your tap may contain harmful chemicals or substances.This is your face we’re talking about so better be safe than sorry.

Step 1

Mix the mineral water with your milk of choice in the small container.That is 1/2 milk and 1/2 water.

Step 2 

Gently shake the container until you see that the two liquids have mixed well. ( Note you will need to shake it each time before use)

And……you’re done! It’s that easy.All you really have to do is put it in your bad and spray as needed.


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